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Behind The Lens

Gevorg Gevorgyan is amongst the ranks of the top photographers in Southern CA, who has overtime mastered his exceptional skills by following in the steps of both his father and his grandfather. The company GG Pro photo is currently run by Gevorg, and is focussed in the area of wedding photography, studio photography, stock photography and even commercial photography. There is no doubt that he is a man of many ventures, and overtime he has developed expertise in designing albums, creating graphic designs and restoring old photographs. It is also noteworthy that he has a degree in Psychology, which allows him to listen attentively and know the full extent of his customer’s needs. As one of the best photographers in LA, Gevorg hates the idea of making mistakes with his work, and will ensure you that he will not rest until his work is done to perfection.


Experience in the field.

If you are experienced in the field of photography in Southern California there is a good chance that you have already heard of Gevorg as a famous photographer. As of late he is one of the world’s bestselling stock photographers, and has a history for selling his high quality imagery on more than 15 microstock websites. He has also been involved with such companies as Yahoo, Digital Photography magazine, NBTV, Costco, LA times, Verizon Wireless and a selection of other companies who have all been massively impressed with his performance. He also has a lot of experience with wedding photographs that really bring out the highlights of such an important occasion.


Interested in purchasing his works?

Gevorg Gevorgyan is always looking to provide the best photography possible to clients. He is always willing to listen to new clients and to guide them through the process of his work. He knows that purchasing imagery can sometimes be something that can cause confusion if you are not experienced in the field, and will try his best to provide the service that you want. If you are interested in hiring him, and want to see what one of the best photographers in LA can produce, feel free to enter the gallery section of our website. From there you can see a selection of his best photographs ranging from weddings, engagement and children. Or just visit to our studio on Glendale Avenue.

Check out our microstock portfolios

Videos - About GG Pro Photo

GG Pro Photo on 3D photography (by Gevorg Gevorgyan)
3D Wedding Album by GG PRO PHOTO
GG Pro Photo (Medical Studio Photoshoot) by Gevorg Gevorgyan

TV interview on ARTN-Shant with Taguhi Vardanyan

Vitamin Club Photoshoot for KYANK Magazine (GG Pro Photo)
Beach Photoshoot by GG Pro Photo

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