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Q: On the pictures of your galleries, there are almost no Photoshop filters. Does the lack of those filters mean that you spend less time on those pictures?


A: Not at all. It’s more difficult to remove minor defects without any Photoshop filters and keep the original look of the picture.



Q: How long does it take to touch-up a picture?

A: It takes approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the cleanliness of the picture. However, by using Photoshop’s automatic actions and filters, it takes 3-5 seconds depending on the speed of computer.​



Q: What if I tell you that I like over-edited pictures?

A: Sometimes I like those pictures too, but it's pleasant to look at those kinds of pictures only for the first time. Usually, over-edited pictures are being used for commercial purposes for getting customer attention. However, for the wedding pictures, over-editing is not recommended as those pictures are for a lifetime and you will keep on looking at those for many years.



Q: Can I ask you to put some vintage filters on some of my pictures for my Facebook profile?

A: I will do that with pleasure. I can even share with you the program of those filters so that you can give a "professional look" to your pictures. or 



Q: Do professional photographers use these automatic filters?

A: Yes,  "professional" photographers use these kinds of filters. They charge thousands of dollars to costumers by using those automatic filters. So, you can download the program and start your "photography career" and make "WOW" pictures. :)​



Q: Where does your knowledge of the quality of the picture come from?

A: I am in commercial stock photography for many years, where the photos are inspected by worldwide known professional photo inspectors who say a big "NO" to over-edited pictures. They consider those kinds of pictures as low quality.​


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