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Immortalize your children's memories with a Halloween photoshoot

Do you remember the good ol' days when you were a child? Do you remember those Halloweens? The stories, the pumpkins, the thrill? Do you recall going trick or treating? Eating a lot of chocolate? Can you picture the weird old lady around the corner who seemed to hate the whole ado, but nevertheless gave you the best of cakes every year?


If you were like me (and presumably every child in the country), Halloween was a special occasion that you adored. You must have liked going around with your little bag looking for chocolate... I did, for sure, and I wish I could do it again.


Oh wait, I can!


The best part about being an adult is that we can pass over some great traditions to our children and we can relive the greatest moments of our childhoods all over again – this time as parents and grandparents. Sometimes it is enough to see a pumpkin to evoke nice warm feelings of a past long gone... How good it could have been to immortalize those occasions!


The good news is this: nowadays our children can keep a visual token of these great experiences and pass them along with their memories. Sounds interesting, right? Our Halloween Photography Special offers this and more!


Here is the Halloween Photography Special package for you and for your children:

  • 1 Halloween special pose of your choice

  • 1 photo of size 8x10

  • 2 photos of size 5x7

  • 12 wallet-size photos so that you can carry the memory around

  • A CD so that you can share it with the ones you love

  • All this costs now only 60 USD instead of the usual 95 USD!


Ready for a Halloween photoshoot you will always remember?


Call now: 818 240 6611

Halloween Photography Special in Glendale

747-609-6368 Call or Text 

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